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Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 11:25 pm Does anyone still read these?
I realised that I havn't been on here for a long time. Myspace and Facebook has taken the time of my internet serfing fun all up. So for those of you who havn't talked to me in a while and don't know the main highlights here goes:
1)Julian and I broke it off about a month ago.
2)I like someone else, this someone else has an ex he likes and the same someone else's best friend likes me.
3)I realised that with some work it may be possible for me to go to NYU or Sarah Lawence for my MFA. (After the 6 mo. in Scotland).
4)My friend Anthoney and his roomate Joe have lent to there being a more cohesive group of friends that I hang with up here. They are: Anthoney, Joe, Emily F., Julian, myself and sometimes Uyen (Joe and Anthoneys female roomate). We have started a fake band called The Windbreaker Kids. I am the drummer.

I think that pretty much covers the most important aspects, that is all.
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Dec. 29th, 2005 @ 10:34 pm Home For Chrismas
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: Whatever Gets You Through Today by The Radio
Well I have another two days or so until I retun to San Francisco and the life I lead away from home, which in many ways feels like the life of a different person. I am in the middle of moving and am going to go home to turn my key into the dorm office, unpack my belongings and going to a concert to ring in the new year with me friends and boyfriend. I am excited to see everyone who stayed behind this holiday season and such, but I am a little sad to be leaving again, even if it is just to return in 10 days (give or take). I don't know how many more Christmas visits I will have left here. This time next year I might be in Scottland and then later maybe NYC. I am not 100% sure yet. Mom does continue to push back her date for moving to Texas so who really knows what the next few years may lead.

I have now seen about 6 movies on DVD or in the theaters since I have been back and tomorrow, before my Mom's birthday we are going to have a Firefly marathon here (well me Teddie and Beau maybe BWAY) anyone else in town that wants to feel free to stop by, we are starting around 10.
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Dec. 9th, 2005 @ 03:32 am Another Crazy Night and my last day of the semester is tomorrow
I am sitting next to my friend Frances as she finnishes off her birthday celebration on my couch pucking into a bown while my roomate Jessica S. tells her about the crazy breakfast they will have tomorrow. She is saying this while drinking lime juice to postpone her period by 4 days (mexican wives tale). After a night of work and a lot of wierdness I ended up at my apartment with everyone after they got back from a club called Holy Cow. After crazy danceing in my room we went to my friend Joe's apartment with no such luck of a party and ended up downstairs at Mike, Julian, Alfonso and Chris's mostly sitting with Frances as she pucked there. After much coaxing Chirs, Alfanso, Greorge and Mike F helped us get her to our place.

Tomorrow, is my last class of the semester, and while I thought I would be home more it looks as though that isn't going to be happening. Firstly I need to find a place to live next month, which I start doing when I turn my final paper in. Also I quit my job with every intention of giving two weeks notice and all I got was Christmas off and then my job ending on Jan 10TH. It is 'cus of this that I will be spending break with Jessica S., Frances, Julian (the boyfirend not downstairs guy), Ryan, Google Ben (sometimes) and all the guys of the band No Sunrise as they practice for battle of the bands. I may make T-shirts and be a groopie for that shit.

So anyway I have 23rd to the 29th off and then the 10th of Jan 'till school starts that I will be in SLO. bye bye
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Nov. 11th, 2005 @ 05:16 pm The Longest Night on Record
Last night just wouldn't seem to end. When I got home from work I got a phonecall from my mother that really, put me in a shitty, stressed and upset mood. It does involve someone back home and I don't want to get into that part. Anyway, I go home and I'm loudly freaking out into the phone when I notice my roomate Emily passed out on the couch with her blanket over her, dead to the world. Not long after that Michela comes in saying that Emily disapeared from the Pub bash on campus and nobody knew where she went. Shortly thereafter a whole shit load of people come in with Jessica and Katrina, and we had a mini party, Emily didn't walke up for about 2 hours. After hanging out untill 3 or 4 it ended up with Katrina getting ready for bed, Jessica talking on the phone and Emily, our friend Joe and I hanging out reading myspaces and such. That is when one of our guy friends from downstairs (Julian pronounced hoo lee on not my boyfirend) shows up.

At first he was fine then Katrina followed him out, she came back crieing and a few minutes later he came up wanting to beat the shit out of her. It turned into a bunch of us attemping to keep them apart and the two of them egging eachother on. Katrina threw a unopened beer can at him and he pushed her into the wall. What finally got him out was Joe putting him in a half nelson and directing him. He attempted to get back in about 3 times and in the first round of storming in he threw his ipod against the wall.

After that Chris, who was key in calming Katrina down and had a major pinched nerve in his back from a fall that evening, cut his finger so bad that he lost his fingerprint and when he went to the ER with Jessica and Alfanso. They couldn't stitch it togeter so the had to shock it in order keep the bleeding to stop. I ended up going to bed around 5 or 6 and got up at 11. Luckilly my class starts at twelve, but I am still exhasted and I have to work tonight from 6-11:30. WTF!!!
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Oct. 28th, 2005 @ 12:41 am Taking A Break
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Swing Life Away by Rise Against
I figured it was time for a real lagit update so here it goes. Things have been really bussy, really hectic, but really great all at the same time. I am really liking school this semester. My classes have been interesting, even though the English Lit Profs. are long winded and need to take a few speach classes. Davison, one of the creative writing profs, is a laugh riot and is one of the best teachers I think I ever had in my life. Homework has been a pain in the ass this week. Mid-terms have given me: One 5 page essay, three 3 page essays, and one 2 page essay. It is insane, but I have been on top of it.
I have been working more latley and attempting to earn as much as I can to get thigs squared away financially in more ethan one aspect. I'm also planning to pay for a work abroad program in Britin after I graduate, if I get it together it will be a six month stint right after I get my BA.

Socially life has been pretty good. My roomates are great, and while I have been really bussy doing work and school I have still been squeezing in fun were I can. On the romantic side of life, Julian and I are still doing well (I realized I never came out and said it on here, so some of you may not know that he is in fact my boyfriend, not just a good friend, and it has been that way for quite some time).. While both our school and work scheduals get in the way at times, we find time where we can to spend together. In truth I am the most content and happy right now than I have been in a long time. I feel like am exactly where I should be, with all the kind of people I need right now around me. Well, execpt for one thing, I found out that my roomate from last semester, Kathrine has contracted Lupis (it isn't a contagouse diseas so I'm not quite sure of the direct causes), so at the moment they are giving her keep giving her Kimo to treat it, and it will be off and on for most of her life. Fo those of you who pray keep her in your prayers, please.

Lately I have been listening to Swing Life Away by Rise Against on repeat. I Don't know why but it just seems to hit the mark with me for some reason.
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Oct. 20th, 2005 @ 03:55 pm (no subject)
You're Betty Boop!
Bettie Boop

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Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 03:30 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Life Support by RENT (Movie cast)
Things have been crazy since I moved in with my new roomates. They ennjoy a good party, not really in a bad way. They just seem to enjoy it. Emily and I have so many of the same interestes that it is a tad bit scary. HEHEHEHE!

Anyhoo, for thos of you who live in SLO and don't know, I will not be back for Thanksgiving in Novewmber. Instead mom is comming up here and we are flying out of SFO to JFK and spending a funfilled week in New York City. Tribeca to be exact on the area. We are meeting my very likely future stepsister, who lives their and waits tables to support her ballet habbit. I'm excited because New York City is on the list of cities I am thinking of moving too when I graduate next fall, so I get a week to see if it fits.

Here is a link to the hotel I am going to be staying in:

Tribeca Grand Hotel
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Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 03:02 am (no subject)
From Sarah and Jaso's blogs. Go to Google and type "(your name) Needs" copy and paste the best ones yada yada yada...
Mine are.

Noelle needs very kind, gentle handling in a settled, adult home.
Noelle needs Xanax!
Noelle needs the tapes and will not read better without them.
Noelle needs to stay away from blue glitter on her eyes.
Noelle needs me to come over and clean out her spa because she is lazy and will
never do it by herself.
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Oct. 2nd, 2005 @ 07:37 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
I am all moved in and settled back into the dorms on campus. The two roomates I have met seem really cool, There names are Jessica and Emily (Emily and I sare a room and we both are RENT-heads :)) I havn't met Katarina yet, but from what I here she is really overbaring. I guess I have no choice but to deal with that. That is the price you pay to live dicerctly nextdoor to the Humanities Building (where every single Lit and Creative Writing class is housed). Once I find the commic that I wan't to use I will be posting my first artical on escapemyhead.com This one stands to be a comic book review with both respect and mocking. You gotta love the mocking guys.Now I a have to get ready to watch Serentiy with the fellas. Ryan wants to get dressed up, I told him I would go as the michanic girl, but since we are going to the metrion and I have to go across town on MUNI I'm not so sure about that.
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Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 11:38 am (no subject)
Things have been crazy what with work, school, moving and social life. On sat, as we were closing down the cafe Rose called and asked if I would take on an extra shift to cover for my co-worker Alyssa, as soon as I say yes and Jay goes to count out I get a phone call from Julian about going sailing the next day, while I was suppose to be working. Long story short I became "sick" and spent the day saining down the bay, climing onto a small peir and running with some people to pick up files at a law office near the transamerica building IT WAS...LEGAL...I SWEAR ;)
After that we went to a salsa club and restrant with a dock off of it in the slums, reall cool little place with no carding so I think we are going to have to take Sean there someday. We ended up making $100 and a ride to gas when Juian and John opeted to take 6 drunks out on the bay for 40 min or so.

We ended up back in Marin County around 10 and back over the bridge into SF and out to dinner at a diner by 11. All in all it was a kick ass Sunday.
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