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Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 11:25 pm Does anyone still read these?
I realised that I havn't been on here for a long time. Myspace and Facebook has taken the time of my internet serfing fun all up. So for those of you who havn't talked to me in a while and don't know the main highlights here goes:
1)Julian and I broke it off about a month ago.
2)I like someone else, this someone else has an ex he likes and the same someone else's best friend likes me.
3)I realised that with some work it may be possible for me to go to NYU or Sarah Lawence for my MFA. (After the 6 mo. in Scotland).
4)My friend Anthoney and his roomate Joe have lent to there being a more cohesive group of friends that I hang with up here. They are: Anthoney, Joe, Emily F., Julian, myself and sometimes Uyen (Joe and Anthoneys female roomate). We have started a fake band called The Windbreaker Kids. I am the drummer.

I think that pretty much covers the most important aspects, that is all.
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