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Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 11:38 am (no subject)
Things have been crazy what with work, school, moving and social life. On sat, as we were closing down the cafe Rose called and asked if I would take on an extra shift to cover for my co-worker Alyssa, as soon as I say yes and Jay goes to count out I get a phone call from Julian about going sailing the next day, while I was suppose to be working. Long story short I became "sick" and spent the day saining down the bay, climing onto a small peir and running with some people to pick up files at a law office near the transamerica building IT WAS...LEGAL...I SWEAR ;)
After that we went to a salsa club and restrant with a dock off of it in the slums, reall cool little place with no carding so I think we are going to have to take Sean there someday. We ended up making $100 and a ride to gas when Juian and John opeted to take 6 drunks out on the bay for 40 min or so.

We ended up back in Marin County around 10 and back over the bridge into SF and out to dinner at a diner by 11. All in all it was a kick ass Sunday.
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