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Dec. 9th, 2005 @ 03:32 am Another Crazy Night and my last day of the semester is tomorrow
I am sitting next to my friend Frances as she finnishes off her birthday celebration on my couch pucking into a bown while my roomate Jessica S. tells her about the crazy breakfast they will have tomorrow. She is saying this while drinking lime juice to postpone her period by 4 days (mexican wives tale). After a night of work and a lot of wierdness I ended up at my apartment with everyone after they got back from a club called Holy Cow. After crazy danceing in my room we went to my friend Joe's apartment with no such luck of a party and ended up downstairs at Mike, Julian, Alfonso and Chris's mostly sitting with Frances as she pucked there. After much coaxing Chirs, Alfanso, Greorge and Mike F helped us get her to our place.

Tomorrow, is my last class of the semester, and while I thought I would be home more it looks as though that isn't going to be happening. Firstly I need to find a place to live next month, which I start doing when I turn my final paper in. Also I quit my job with every intention of giving two weeks notice and all I got was Christmas off and then my job ending on Jan 10TH. It is 'cus of this that I will be spending break with Jessica S., Frances, Julian (the boyfirend not downstairs guy), Ryan, Google Ben (sometimes) and all the guys of the band No Sunrise as they practice for battle of the bands. I may make T-shirts and be a groopie for that shit.

So anyway I have 23rd to the 29th off and then the 10th of Jan 'till school starts that I will be in SLO. bye bye
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